Cattle Drives and a Taste of the Old West

There is a romantic ideal to Texas, a rugged romance stemming from the Old West (yes, capitalized). It’s leaning cowboys with their iconic hats tilted against the sun, galloping horses and grazing cattle, and the idea that Texas can survive whatever is thrown at her. Maybe because, well…she’s done a…

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Sintra: More Romance in Portugal

With its beautifully designed streets, pastel painted buildings and glimpses of the Rio Tejo beyond, Lisbon is a romantic city. But Sintra is a force to be reckoned with in terms of romance, starting with the ruins of the Castelo dos Mouros high up in the hills. Sintra is a…

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The Romantic Ruins of Castelo dos Mouros – Sintra

Castelo dos Mouros

I’ve been asked a number of times what my favorite thing in Portugal was, and while ultimately there was no one thing that I preferred above the others and the trip itself was an amazing experience, the first thing that most often comes to mind is the Castelo dos Mouros,…

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