Week in Review

Another week passes!

  • The week started off great with one of those little things that can greatly add to your day. In my case, it was a case of blackberries. I haven’t bought blackberries in awhile from the store, even though they’re definitely one of my favorite fruits. But Sunday morning they were just too delicious looking to resist (and a good buy for a larger container!). Came home and washed the lot of them so I can just reach in and take a couple each time I need something from the refrigerator.
  • Whenever I go for a length of time without yoga, and then get back to the mat, I’m always relishing in how good it feels. And then I always say to myself I need to practice more, including the evenings during the week. Of course what happens is that I get home on a weekday and just want to grab a quick bite and check some things online. This week though I came home and went straight to the yoga mat, and it was lovely!
  • I also made it back to dance class. I first took class about a month ago, just before the fourth of July, and stopped because no class on the holiday and then the next two weeks out of town, and then just being busy. But this week I knew I was definitely going to do what I could to go. And it was a lot fun. I will admit I liked the class a little better the first time, just based upon the dance we learned, but it’s always good to be dancing again.
  • Earlier this week I met up with some friends for one of my favorite dinners: sushi. We went to this place because their sushi is decent, but what we really like is the chilled, Asian pear sake that we can get. We’ve been to other sushi places, but none of them seem to have chilled sake this good. This visit I made sure to see who made it, and I will keep an eye out at any sort of wine store for the Moonstone Asian pear.
  • Also, on a side note…anyone else loving the Google doodles for the Olympics? I discovered playing them when they had the hurdles, and did pretty decent with the basketball. I think I’ve definitely been googling lots more this week.


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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