Cherry blossoms!

Good things come to those who wait. And DC has waited for cherry blossoms this year. And waited some more. At least it sure felt like it when there were days promising spring finally visiting…only to have those hopes frozen by a return of cold weather. Late possible snow storms …

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Too late for snow

I was a little disappointed with the snow showing in DC yesterday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so ready for spring and sandal weather and patio seating, but if there was the promise of a lot of snow, then bring it. I was really looking forward to taking my camera …

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Thinking of summer

It’s cold! We had a couple of nice somewhat warm weekends, but cold and a little bit of snow settled in over the week. Now that the snow’s gone, it’s just cold. I’m definitely thinking of summer and the beach now!

Quiet month

I know. I was quiet last month. But I’ve had a few things keeping me busy at work, and after that it was National Novel Writing Month, which kept me busy during my free time. In an earlier draft of this post, I wrote about my novel writing this month, …

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So it’s October already. Wow. That came out of nowhere it seems like. About mid-week, as I dated something as the third or fourth day in October, I had to take a moment and come to terms with the fact that we were already in October. It was different when …

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