Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is, in a word, amazing.

The Aquarium has been one of my favorite places in Dallas for about as long as I can remember, even as far back as when the space was just the aquarium only. But now to get to that original space, you have to wander through a rainforest with birds flying overhead, a waterfall, monkeys chatting and giant fish seen through the surface of the lakes pooling at the bottom of the path. Oh, and not to mention that later on there are penguins and a short walk underneath shark infested waters.


Cool. Right?

There are interactive screens near most exhibitions to match an animal to a picture and learn about it. Because of this, it’s really pretty easy to find a fish or other animal that caught your attention and find out where it was from and what might be any interesting feeding habits or mating habits.


 Since my first visit, back when it was the aquarium only, the penguins have been moved outside with little coves to chill in the warm air, though the trees and rocks provided quite a bit of cover. Three of the four penguins we saw took advantage of the cool waters to swim and play. And make a swim look inviting (definitely much more inviting than the shark tank!).

If you live in Dallas, or just come into the city for a visit, I definitely recommend visiting the Aquarium. It’ll be a fun way to spend the afternoon, and not what you might expect to find in the historic West End.



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