Catching up!

First of all, last Friday was an important day to thank a veteran, to thank all of those currently serving and who have served. I know I made sure to call the favorite veteran in my life (my father) and chat with him for a bit in the afternoon.

Here in DC, the holiday also meant a day off for me, which I used to catch up on my word count. I worked well over the three day weekend, finally catching up and then some to where I should be by last night. And by then some, only a little over.

It’s been challenging, and hence the writing a novel in a month challenge. Life is busy. There’s work, friends, events going on in DC worth checking out, etc. And of course time to relax, which means at least a little time away from everything.

The other thing is the constant contact with the novel, especially when playing catch up. When 5,000 words are written in a day, chances are many of those are going to be repeated. So when I type that someone laughed and I cringe, thinking ugh, how many times have I used that already? Chances are I did. And earlier that day, but a so many pages back. Is it a bad repetitive? Probably not. Because there are only so many ways someone can laugh.

I am still loving the story and the characters, but I’m noting where some areas can be fleshed out a little more. But it’s good that I still like them since I have about another 25,000 words, at least, to spend with them this month. So. Will the guy get the girl? Will the family be reconciled?

We’ll see what the rest of November brings.


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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