NaNoWriMo – beginning a new novel

It’s day five of National Novel Writing Month. My usual strategy in years past is to work hard building up the word count during the first several days so that when I felt stuck on a plot point or an important scene (or what I felt to have been an important scene), I could feel okay about not meeting the daily estimate and still finishing on time.

What I also love is starting a new novel. I love that beginning period, where the characters are still being introduced and the world is still being crafted. And given that I’ve worked the last several months on one novel, a novel I’d written some time ago, it’s great to be back to that creation period.

I am however a little behind in my word count. It’s been a very busy week, this first week of November. But I am looking forward to catching up this weekend and getting a little ahead too. I’m already here with my first cup of coffee and upping the word count by at least tripling the word count from yesterday’s writing (not hard to do when yesterday I only wrote about 150 words in a few minutes before crashing last night). But I’m almost at 4,000 words this morning and will hope to surpass the day’s goal of 8,300.

I’m also looking forward to heading out to a coffeehouse down the street where they have their holiday cups already! Those red cups tell me it’s officially the holiday season. I got my first one on the way to work yesterday morning, and it’ll be nice to sit there with one next to me while working on the novel. I’ve said it before and will say it many, many more times, but it’s definitely the little things.


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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