National Book Festival

Two weekends ago the National Book Festival held on the mall, and it was the first time the festival was held on two days. Yup. TWO.

Every year I look forward to the festival. Last year was the first year I actually stood in line for the book signings, and I ended up not having much of a chance to hear anyone speak. But of course, one kind of shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to have one of these authors sign a book.

So this year I opted for balance. I planned to wait for one author signing and then spend the rest of the afternoon at author speaking times. And since there were two days, I could go back on Sunday and listen to more. On Sunday the main author I wanted to see was David McCullough, who’s signing time was several hours earlier. I do however already have a book signed (though it’s currently in another state), so I opted to pass on that and headed down to the mall mid-afternoon and sat in some different tents until it was time for him.

I won’t get into the details of the different speakers, but as always when I attend, I definitely get inspired to write. After hearing the first speaker on Saturday morning, I was ready to head home right then and get back to my laptop. Though I managed to refrain so I could stick around for more.


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