Fall comes early…

Do you know that Monty Python sketch in the Holy Grail about the seasons passing and skipping? “And winter gave spring and summer a miss and went straight into autumn.” While we definitely had a summer in DC, the fall does seem to have descended a little too quickly.

I spent much of the last weekend outside, from Saturday afternoon at the H Street Festival to Sunday at the Redskins game. And for a moment on both days the sun came out and warmed up quite a bit, but otherwise I was very happy with having decided to wear a sweater. The fall rain has come in full force, somehow mostly ignoring us last weekend and I hope will ignore us again this coming weekend for the book festival.

So. What does fall mean? It means time spent inside with coffee or tea and a good book. Or cooking and baking, trying new recipes. And also time spent outside in that crisp, cook air (with coffee, of course!) and enjoying the trees covering themselves with deep colors as the leaves change. It also brings the National Book Festival, the Turkish Festival, this year the Italian Festival, and as fall changes into winter there is the National Novel Writing Month and the city getting dressed up for Christmas.

Lots of things to look forward to, even if it does mean complaining about the cold. It’s a good complaining. At least until winter.


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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