Great playlist luck

Writing at the bookstore this evening, I had one of those rare writing sessions where the songs coming up on my playlist fit the mood perfectly. I didn’t even have to shuffle through every other song to find one that puts me in the setting.

The scene I worked on was one of my recent favorites, because it was such a mood-filled scene. It was during a storm, a thwarted hiking trip resulted in an evening inside by a fire, my main characters who are still essentially strangers get to know each other a little more through conversation. In a word, it was a cozy scene.

I picked the first song, but then the next several that came up were just perfect. I was totally there in that room, looking at the fire and thinking of the great American Northwest outside the windows. Definitely wished I really was there. But the cafe at the bookstore will make do for now.

So. What was this great playlist?

  • Placebo – Running Up That Hill
  • Fauxliage – All the World
  • Duncan Sheik – Home
  • Mat Kearney – Here We Go
  • Dave Matthews Band – Say Goodbye


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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