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Sunday night I made it out to Arlington for a poetry reading by contest winners from a city-sponsored contest (kind of cool: the winners’ poems will be featured on the sides of buses in Arlington, so keep an eye out for those!). My friend was one of the winners, so that’s first what made me head there, but also what first brought these Sunday night readings to my attention.

There was this coffeehouse in Riverside that my friends and I used to go to more than quite often. It was called Back to the Grind, and every Monday night was open mic night. Well, we actually went there more than that to study, but on Mondays we went there early in the evening to study and stayed for the readings. And yes…there were a few times that I actually read something.

I remember it was a great feeling, reading. The nervousness and then the relief when you made it through the poem. And then of course there’s the feeling of just being at a reading. I haven’t been to many here in DC, though I would like to go to more. It’s a great introduction to new writing, inspirational (I always feel like writing more once I go to one!) and a good way to meet people too.

I doubt I’ll read at any near future readings. For one thing, I haven’t written much poetry in the years since college. But I do plan to make it out to more. And if you haven’t been to a poetry reading, or been to one in a long while, then definitely do a search for one in your area.

And if you’re in SoCal, then please go check out the Monday night poetry readings at the Grind. I think they’re still doing them.


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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  1. It was great having you there Patricia. I’d love to hear some of your poetry sometime.

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