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Master Classes are back at The Mat Yoga Studio for another year! If you haven’t attended a Master Class at The Mat, you may be wondering what these are or how they are different from the scheduled classes. You might also think that since these are at a yoga studio, these classes are deep dives into yoga, perhaps the poses, sequencing, some history and/or philosophy. And yes, those are all possible topics. But the Master Classes gives opportunities for Mat teachers to offer sessions around topics in which they have interest or further training.

For instance, last month I attended a Master Class around astrology (Western) and an introduction to birth charts while the class before that in December was around brain health. The upcoming class in April is about one’s Dosha, bringing an opportunity to learn more about Ayurveda’s idea of a person’s body type or constitution (since the idea goes beyond just the physical body type).

These Master Classes are amazing opportunities to learn about a wide variety of subjects, many that can relate to physical or mental health. But they also provide a wonderful way to interact with the studio’s community.

I’ve written on this before, but the community is one other aspect of this studio that really makes it special. In taking these Master Classes, you might see other students that you see regularly in flow classes and the Master Class might generate space for conversation. It can be a conversation starter for an individual you may see regularly but haven’t spoken to yet, or a great way to keep the learning going by talking to fellow attendees at the start of future classes.

Master Classes are generally held every other month and may be at either the Dallas or the Plano studio. Keep an eye out in the monthly newsletter or the Events and Workshop pages of the studio for more information about the class and signing up. Since the topics can vary and may or may not offer physical movement, note that there will be more prior to the Master Class as to what to bring or wear (generally…something comfortable!).

Upcoming Master Classes may be mentioned in class announcements as the date comes closer. And asking questions about a future class is a great way to also get to know your teachers (even more so if they may be the ones offering the next Master Class!).

This is the part of a series of posts for The Mat Yoga Studio, sharing my thoughts and observations as a student only. The views and opinions are my own experience.


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