Texas Veggie Fair 2015

Thank you, Texas, for the absolutely perfect day last weekend! The temperature was in the 80s with sunny, clear skies and even a little bit of a breeze. If you weren’t at the State Fair‘s final weekend, then it was the best day to be at Reverchon Park for the Texas Veggie Fair. How great was it to be outside in the park, eating delicious, fully vegetarian meals and juices, catch-up with a friend and being surrounded with others who were following, or were interested in, a plant-based lifestyle?

Texas Veggie FairThere were so many foods to try! For lunch I had a vegetarian banh mi from the Nammi food truck (I love banh mis, and so whenever I can find a vegetarian one, I’ll take it). The “meat” was ginger spiced tofu, so added to all the pickled veggies and cilantro – and crispy baguettes – that make a banh mi so tasty was that warming ginger marinade. Later in the day, I was also excited to bring home with me a juice from Local Press + Brew, and to have tried a bite of a gluten-free cupcake from Austin-based Capital City Bakery. The cupcake I tasted was so moist with a great icing-to-cake ratio. And the juice, well, I am definitely looking forward to visiting Local’s Oak Cliff location. I tried 02 Kessler Park, was not at all grassy (which has been an issue with other green juices I’ve tasted). It could be that added grapefruit and pear, adding a little bit of sweetness. Plus, I love kale and parsley in my green juices/smoothies anyway.

Local JuicesKirtanI did not partake this year, but one of the things (one of the many) that makes the fair fun is the outdoor yoga. I like the idea of practicing in the grass, under a tree with the sounds of nature around, the sounds of people having fun all around and yes, even the sound of the cars driving by just outside the park. Next year, I’ll have to make that a priority.

The Veggie the Fair was also very pet-friendly. There were so many people with their own dogs, but then a couple of adoption agencies had tents set up throughout. Both agencies for dogs and cats, including these beautiful kittens! I must admit to having a soft spot for black cats (especially once I learned that they can be hard to adopt, I’m guessing because of the superstitions). I adopted my little Sahara just over a year ago, but should I come across anyone looking for a pet around this time next year, I’m definitely recommending a visit to the Fair.

Kittens for AdoptionPomeranians for AdoptionI left the fair feeling inspired. Already a vegetarian, the last several weeks I’ve let life get in the way and found myself grabbing a quick sandwich or snacking on something less than nutritious. But I was inspired to crack open my vegan and raw cookbooks I have at home to get creative again in the kitchen. And last week I tried a new recipe that was incredibly delicious. There are so many varieties of vegetables and fruits that can be used to create light, refreshing dinners. And I like spending time in the kitchen, so it’s really fun for me to create something new that I’ll really look forward to eating, can be proud of my skills (especially if trying an ingredient or technique for the first time!) and know everything that went into creating that dish.

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Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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