holiday spirit

I love the holidays. It’s really the only time I don’t mind it being cold. In fact…it’s kind of better when it is. Then it just feels so right to bundle up when running some quick shopping trips, not minding the slight cold that will bring a little color to the cheeks. And it feels even more right to sit curled up with a warm, soft throw, a cup of hot chocolate and a book or a movie like Love Actually.

Of course after the holidays, I draw the line. Then it should no longer be cold…but that’s a complaint for another post.

Seeing as how I celebrate Christmas, the culmination of the holiday season is fast approaching. Since today’s essentially over, there’s only one more day until Christmas Eve! I also love all the lights. Even the car headlights just seem prettier during the holiday season. And then of course there’s the music. Some of my friends earlier were getting a little carried away with the carols, but it was great.

And, as a side note, I learned that one of my favorite Christmas carols, Carol of the Bells, was originally composed in Ukraine. Hmmm…makes you wonder about some of the other ones. We were also comparing several carols in different languages…Feliz Navidad being the obvious one, but what about Silent Night? What are the words in Korean, and do they quite translate the same? Or in Russian?

Yeah…I think the holiday spirit is catching to those around me. And I, for one, cannot wait for the long weekend and talking with loved ones and being with friends. Oh, and the cooking and the baking and the general spirit that kind of warms you up from the inside.


Patricia returned to Texas after spending several years on both coasts. She's a writer, amateur photographer and traveler.

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